Breeder's Background

Dr. Kathryn Grace Knox is a  National Board Certified Naturopathic Physician and holds a Master's in Herbology,

She was trained in the whelping , weaning, rearing , training of puppies since her youth  and has been breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks  since 2003. . 

(*see below for breeding practices and principles)

 Breeder's History: Dr. Kathryn's, Tina Knox, started breeding hound dogs from the  1930's in Europe and 196o-1985 in the U.S..

Kathryn   assisted her mother in this process during her earlier years and and fell in love with caring for puppies and dogs during this time.

In more recent years,  Kathryn has had an other mentor, Psyche Williams Rankin, of  White Heath. Illinois. Psyche has been breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks for over 40 years as is well known through out the world for her Rhodesian Ridgeback's bloodline named: Sidiboarani.   Kathryn has been breeding   Ridgeback's for 10 years with great success and considers a joyful pursuit. 

*Breeder's practices & principles.  Diet and nutrition is only one part of the care that goes into the dam (mother) and the pups. She also stays with the pups 24/7 ( with an assistant )  for the first 4 weeks to make sure all pups are rotated for breast milk, fully socialized, get nutritional supplementation, to keep the keAt 4 weeks training begins for House Breaking. First paper training and then to the out doors. This takes 4-6  more weeks to anchor in training.  As long as the feeding schedule is maintained the house breaking training will stay intact.  When the pups are 5- weeks old the 'Come, Sit, Stay command training begins.  By 8-10 weeks the pups know these commands well..nnel spotless  and give the pups love and attentionThese little darling pups are weaned on a organic / natural foods diet, cooking for them for freshness and purity. (recipe available upon request)

The pups are then ready to go to their new home by

8 -12 weeks old.  Pups are placed in loving, secure homes. (fenced in yards and or acreage preferred )




Here below are some more pictures of our RR family and the pups.

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