Characteristics & Features

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a very unique breed with lots of distinct characteristics.  The first one you will notice is the ridge of hair that stands up along their back, hence the name ridgeback. This is supposedly where God opened them up to install their sou because of thier prptective nature towards peoplel.   They also have 2 sets of crowns, little circles in their coat, located at the top of the ridge and at their hindquarters.  Some ridgebacks are more reddish in color (Red Wheaton), while others lean towards blond (Blonde Wheaton).  They can sometimes have a dark, almost black, muzzle.  This comes from the Mastiff in them.  Then there is the white patch in the middle of their chest, but not always prevalent.  And now the paws, paws can have white markings, which are refered to as socks or boots and have varying degrees of how far up the leg the white goes.  The have whip tails, very thick pads on their feet and quite often floppy ears.  They love the heat and were bred to withstand desert enviroments with very little water, in fact you will see them sunbathing quite often, even on the blacktop. 

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